Vogue and Google Come Out of the Closet for September Issue

Kendall Jenner in Vogue and Google’s ‘Supermodel Closets’ | Source: Caleb Adams for Vogue

I have enjoyed watching Vogue’s 73 Questions videos – for an intimate, if not brief look inside the lives of celebrities (I especially loved the inaugural, with Sarah Jessica Parker). Now, building on its popularity, Vogue and Google have partnered to celebrate Vogue’s 125th anniversary September issue: launching a 360-degree virtual reality five-part series, “Supermodel Closets” and offering viewers exactly what its title promises – an inside view of the closets of industry stars – beginning with Kendall Jenner. To that end, the viewer of Supermodel Closets is “alone” in the closet, as Jenner tells the stories behind her clothes, handbags and accessories, her most beloved and prized possessions.

Vogue’s long-standing objective is to show what’s new in fashion. The decision to partner with Google and its complex, wide-reaching fashion strategy, represents the next step for Vogue in delivering ever- alluring content. Says Julina Tatlock, co-founder of digital entertainment company 30 Ninjas, which produced the series, “There is an opportunity when you are making 360 and virtual reality to let the story shape itself a little more … The fact that Vogue allowed us to shoot the models for almost two hours, and then we cut it to four minutes, means that Kendall could completely relax.”

While Supermodel Closets can be viewed on a computer or phone via YouTube, the virtual reality elements must be experienced using special equipment. I am not set up for that, yet, but perhaps I can figure it out … eventually.


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