Stop Wearing my Denim Cutoffs?

Wearing my favorite denim cut-off shorts from Kohl’s

The answer is … No! I have a favorite pair of denim cutoff shorts I purchased at Kohl’s (for a great price, by the way!) – I continue to pull them out every summer. They are still my go-to and I don’t see the need to change that now that I am 57. And Vogue agrees!

September marks the 125th Anniversary of Vogue Magazine and tucked in its many pages is a question that has reared its head for me and other women: what’s the age cutoff for denim cutoffs? Vogue contributor Alexandra Macon asks her colleagues their opinions about when to stop wearing denim cutoff shorts – 30? – younger? older? Though she finds differing opinions in the answers, Macon settles on the wise words of Vogue’s denim editor, Kelly Connor: “The bottom line is the look can be achieved at any age as long as it’s done right. This means keeping problem areas covered by taking shape into account with distressing kept to a minimum. And, ultimately, as with most looks that are somewhat fashion-forward, it’s all about how you carry yourself. If you can wear a shorter cutoff with sophistication and confidence, then all the power to you—no matter what your age!”

It must be true if it’s Vogue!


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