Nothing Says Spring Like Kate Spade!

LGH_150401_6344LGH_150401_6343Nothing says Spring to me more than my vintage Kate Spade New York straw handbag. I can’t remember where I bought it – Bloomindale’s, perhaps? I can’t remember how long ago – at least 15 years. None of that really matters to me. I do know that I bought this handbag before I had ever heard of Kate Spade, and certainly before she became the well-known designer that she is today. That could be one of the reasons that it is a favorite of mine and the first thing I pull out when the weather warms. The combination of the colors and the texture are at once classic yet modern. It carries a timeless quality that translates to every occasion and every opportunity to take it out for a stroll.

I bought this handbag simply because I liked it. And that is what really matters when we buy and certainly keep, our treasured pieces.LGH_150401_6387

Photos by Lauren Hagerstrom

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