Moving days, Milestones, and Motherhood

P1050020I am moving my son to college tomorrow. The day has finally come; after the college tours, the high school graduation, and the too-short summer, we are packing up and getting ready to go. To move, I will be wearing these jeans and t-shirt, which is always my go-to outfit, not just for the comfort but for the style. And I will remember this day and this outfit. The day Eric was born, I wore a bright yellow dress. He was a big baby and I must have looked like a huge bumble bee walking through the hospital corridor! Too funny. That day feels like yesterday.

Although I have the questions running through my head: did I teach him enough, did I prepare him enough, did I do enough? And although I had a fleeting moment when I wondered: How would it be if I moved down there with him? – today is not about loss. Today is about love; the love that a mother feels when she nurtures her baby for eighteen years, and then sends him off to fly on his own. I am moving my son to college tomorrow. And I will remember this day and the outfit I chose to wear. With love.

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