Joining the RunwayRiot!


Iskra Lawrence courtesy of RunwayRiot

For too long the fashion industry has made the majority of women feel inferior, but we’re DONE with feeling invisible. Starting today, RunwayRiot, the fashion and beauty site for all women is celebrating you.” ~ RunwayRiot

Good Morning America greeted me with an inspired interview with model Iskra Lawrence. Committed to championing body diversity and improving the image of women in the media, 25 year-old model and fashion editor Lawrence is starting a movement today, with the launch of RunwayRiot, a new style and fashion site. Says Lawrence, “We plan to create a home for women to come and feel inspired. It’s going to be the first chance for women to feel included in fashion from 0’s to 28’s. We’re going to talk about cool and trendy clothes for all sizes.” Lawrence, who has been in the fashion industry for twelve years, is using her experience to start a fresh conversation. The website will have absolutely no re-touching and will embrace the beauty in all of us. We are all more than a size – we are more than a label. Here it is, for all women! #jointheriot I’m buying it!

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