Watch Anna and Amy Switch Jobs …

amy-schumer-anna-wintour-640x400amy-schumer-anna-wintourWant to liven your Monday morning? Watching Anna Wintour and Amy Schumer switch jobs in this Vogue Original Short is great for a giggle. Part Devil Wears Prada, part Lucy and Ethel (remember the Job Switching episode?), this is a full-on treat!

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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How to Wear High Heels, Says the Man!

Etiquette expert William Hanson

The Man in Heels: Etiquette expert William Hanson

The UK’s leading expert and consultant in etiquette William Hanson thinks women are getting it all wrong when they wear high heels. And to prove his point, he actually walked in a woman’s high heels. Indeed, Hanson had no interest in donning women’s clothes or accessories but felt it was essential in order to be fair in his critique; he shared what he learned in the Daily Mail. Wearing high heels is tricky in any case. I think it’s worth hearing these tips:

Find the Right Shoes: First you have to find a pair that fits and are moderately comfortable.”

Watch How You Put Them On: Point toes, as if you are Saint Darcey Bussell, arch foot and slide into heel. Wiggle those toes to spread out and settle in their new, rather cramped, home.”

Watch Your Posture: “Before you can even think about moving, make sure you are standing correctly. So few of us today (of either sex) have good posture thanks to spending far too long slumped over computers … Roll your shoulders quite far back, imagine you are pushing them over a garden fence and back down the other side. Your hands should be behind the seam of your trousers/skirt and your chin should be parallel to the floor. Continue reading

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Come to Costco …


… for the Holidays.

Have you been to warehouse giant Costco lately? It is a wonderland for holiday shopping. I am a member of Costco, but I confess that I don’t shop here often. It’s a bit too far away for it to be a regular on my radar. But today, I was in need of some heavy-duty paper products, and what I discovered when I walked through the (huge) doors blew me away! In addition to the equipment and the appliances and the food and the books and the music and the clothes and even more clothes, were a few specialty items, in time for gift giving …


Tuzzi Italian leather gloves

A sea of faux fur coats for young fashionistas


Seasons Three and Four of “I Love Lucy” (my all-time favorite because … who doesn’t love Lucy?)

Come to Costco and see for yourself! And Happy Holidays to you!

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