Where Clothes and Fabrics Only Sell for ‘Happy Money’

Purushottam Goyal and Saroj Goyal have been married for 46 years. Credit Santiago Mejia/The New York Times

Purushottam Goyal and Saroj Goyal: Credit Santiago Mejia/The New York Times

Saroj Goyal organized fabrics at Dress Shoppe II, an Indian textiles store in the East Village. Credit Santiago Mejia/The New York Times

Saroj Goyal organizes fabrics at Dress Shoppe II: Credit Santiago Mejia/The New York Times

Yesterday’s New York Times’ Metropolitan Section featured a story about an East Village shop, owned by couple, Purushottam Goyal and Saroj Goyal. The Goyals have owned Dress Shoppe II since 1878 when it was originally, Dress Shoppe. Mr. Goyal has garnered favorites of the shop, where the main offering is Indian clothing made of cotton, silk and linen – and where his business philosophy is full of kharmic charm: “Just relax, and if you feel something, buy it. We want only happy money.” Among the favorites is costume designer, Katie Novello, who shopped at Dress Shoppe II to buy outfits for the cast of Hulu show, “The Path.” “It is a treasure trove,” according to Novello, who, as a costume designer spends huge amounts of time shopping for the perfect pieces to tell a character’s story.

The Goyals were about to close shop at the end of the year but they received so many letters from customers that they decided to postpone their retirement until 2018, which will be the store’s 40 anniversary. I must make a trip to this shop – this magical place where fabrics only sell for ‘Happy Money’ – and meet the Goyals myself. I love their message!


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