Why Birthdays Make You Think … About Your Clothes


Today is my birthday; I will be celebrating with my family and friends and I will think about the clothes I wear. Not because I care about the clothes (which I do) but because I care that I am presenting the best version of me to the world. Sure there is the inevitable I am a year older and what am I doing with my life?’ question. But mostly, birthdays make me think about what it means to be the best version of myself. Since starting this blog three years ago I have been pondering the connection between the clothes we wear and how they make us feel about ourselves. The older I get the more I see that the outer covering is a direct reflection of the inner me. If I take time to give my daily wardrobe attention I am saying to myself that I matter and that I am worth the effort.

This is the outfit I am choosing to wear today – my birthday – this time of inner reflection.

Photo by Kim Naci; dress, Splendid

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