I Dreamed about a Handbag

Last night I actually dreamed about a handbag! In my 57 years, it was the first time that I dreamed about a piece of clothing! I had seen a handbag during the day, liked it very much, but had pondered whether to make the purchase, so I didn’t get it. Obviously, this handbag stayed with me, even in my subconscious.

I try not to buy impulsively because I have made my share of mistakes with purchases I have regretted the minute I brought them home. So I have learned to hold back. There are, of course, the clothes that I know immediately are perfect for me. I try not to waver with those – as I have also had my share of heartbreak after losing something because I waited. In general, though, my philosophy about buying clothes has served me well: for the ones I really like but can’t say for sure – I hold off for a day or so to see if it leaves my mind. If I stop thinking about it, it was not meant for me. If I continue to think about it (or in this case, dream about it) and if I can picture it as part of my wardrobe, then I will buy it.

My clothes are my friends. We become a team. I think my dream was telling me something – so I returned today to purchase this special handbag – without hesitation!

Handbag, vintage Gucci; t-shirt Milly; tuxedo blazer, Bebe

Photos: Serena Chmelar; shot on location at Batavia, Summit NJ

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