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Antoinette with Eileen Fisher

Antoinette with Eileen Fisher

EILEEN FISHER has been on my radar as a socially-conscious company, committed to helping young women feel better about themselves. I recently sat down with Antoinette Klatzky, the Program Director and Leader of The Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute. Established in 2010, EFLI promotes leadership in young women through self-empowerment, connection with others and activism in their communities with multiple programs for teens and young adult women. Antoinette discussed the pressing issues facing our teens today, including body image and social pressure. Here is our conversation.

MKG: Antoinette, as the Program Director what do you see as the most pressing issues facing our teens?

ANTOINETTE I see a number of issues facing teens in our local communities today. The primary root cause of the issues, though, seems to be social pressure. The social pressures are wide ranging. They relate to higher education (what college will I get into? How will that affect my future?); testing (does this standardized test really measure my ability to think and create?); clothing (how does what I’m wearing define who I am?); body image (will I fit in if my body doesn’t fit?) etc. Teens are not always empowered to tap into their true passions and care for one another from a place of empathy and compassion. Continue reading

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