Don’t discount me

Maybe it is the fact that it is summer and that means fun, casual and carefree dressing, or maybe it is the fact that I am having a birthday in a few weeks, but I am taking stock. I will soon be over-50, that funny time in one’s life when people mention middle age and you realize they’re talking about you. (Not possible!). That time when people start assuming that you no longer have a sense of style, or even worse, can no longer wear certain clothes. Who makes these rules anyway? Don’t discount me. Don’t discount any of us. Rather, stand tall and allow your fashion voice to speak. No matter what your age, you are the same person at heart. In my case, I love to dress with a sense of fun and whimsy and I appreciate that quality in others. I love wearing a puffed sleeve, a crazy color, a jumpsuit, anything with skulls, and added shoulder pads. Sometimes youthful? Yes. Always tasteful? I hope so. I also love to dance with the music a little too loud, roll down the window when I drive and let my hair fly, and twirl in a skirt as I did as a young girl. That hasn’t changed and I hope it never will.

Who says that reaching a certain age means leaving your essence behind? I say wear what you love if it makes you happy. Remember Cyndi Lauper’s song, Girls Just Want to Have Fun? I see only girls here.

What do you think?

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