“There are a lot of favorite parts to being a costume designer”

When Alexandra Regazzoni and I first met a year ago, I told her that she had my dream job. As I see it, a costume designer is the ultimate storyteller. After today’s interview, we can all live vicariously through Alexandra, and follow her passion. It wasn’t always clear to her that she would be a costume designer. This Florida native grew up interested in many things. Her education is extensive, beginning at Florida State University, where she graduated with a BA in theater, and a BS in anthropology, with a minor in French. Alexandra became more interested in clothing, while performing and working as an aerialist in FSU’s Flying High Circus, where the performers would do their own rigging and make their own costumes. This was Alexandra’s first introduction to the world of costume design. She would go on to obtain an MFA in production design with a secondary degree in costume design from Ohio University.

Today, we return to the setting of one of Alexandra’s 9 short films she has designed: Left Bank Books. In the heart of Greenwich Village, New York City, we hear from Alexandra what it means to be a costume designer

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Alexandra: Storyteller

Alexandra on-set

Alexandra on-set of the movie The Left Bank Bookseller, a film by Lisa Reznik

Being a costume designer is like going on a treasure hunt!” ~ Alexandra

Alexandra has my favorite job in the whole world and if I were starting out on my career path, I would want to do what she is doing: be a costume designer. She tells stories with clothes; sometimes the stories are pretty, sometimes gritty, but they are always about life and the way we live. We sat down today and talked about her adventurous life and her beautiful sense of curiosity ...

Tell me … what is it really like to be a costume designer?

Being a costume designer is different from being in fashion. It is telling stories about people, but it’s not all pretty and beautiful and high fashion stories. Sometimes you have to dress a homeless person or look at the darker side of life. Costume design can be overlooked but it is an essential part of the overall storytelling process and it is the little details that make the process successful. Continue reading

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I love comments. Feel free to share yours