My Obsession With Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld: AP Images

Carine Roitfeld: AP Images

My mother subscribed to Elle, and I read every issue! My parents had innate elegance. I acquired a proper taste for clothes naturally, by observing them. There was a time when I thought this it was clothes that determined one’s appearance, but now I know that it’s people themselves. It’s on each of us to set our own pace against the whirlwind of trends.” ~ Carine Roitfeld, Irreverent

On the coffee table in my living room sits a single book: not one with gorgeous images of art or landscapes. On my coffee table sits a book written by fashion icon, Carine Roitfeld, Irreverent. In it contains the thoughts, comments, and images taken from the life of a woman who has much to say and one with whom I am obsessed. I started noticing Carine Roitfeld in the Sunday NYTimes style section when they would capture images of her and “the look.” I wondered to myself, who was this chic woman who wore the most daring high heels and pencil skirts like no one else, who always had a bit of hair covered over one smokey eye? After months of wondering I did the research and found out that she was the editor of  Vogue Paris. Not a surprise to find out she was French (with Russian heritage) because Carine Roitfeld had what I always imagine a French woman to have – that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that belongs just to her.

In 2011 Carine Roitfeld resigned from Vogue Paris after a decade at its helm, and since that time she has continued to inspire me. She wrote her book and became the global fashion director for Harper’s Bazaar and editor in chief of her own, CR Fashion Book. In addition, she has collaborated with Uniglo to create a collection and is about to launch a second, so that we may all grab a piece of the Carine Roitfeld mystique for ourselves.

Every now and then I open the book on my coffee table to absorb a message for the day. On life, on style, on love, on passion – on anything that Carine Roitfeld has discovered in her life. She is now 61, but that doesn’t matter. Because she is still as vibrant and sexy as ever. I don’t know what it is about her – je ne sais quoi.

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Jenny’s Personal Style and The Story of Her Pink Coat


Jenny Williams

Can you imagine how pleased I was to read an article entitled: How I Found My Personal Style When I Let Go of Most of My Clothing?  And even more excited to meet its author? The person who wrote this thoughtful piece is Jenny Williams; I connected immediately with Jenny and her message, which may sound familiar, from recent conversations I have had about Zero Waste, with Lauren Singer and Daniel Silverstein. Jenny agreed to share her story on TFIO. It is a lovely reminder how fashion is one of our universal connectors. Here is that conversation with Jenny:

MKG: You have embraced the concept of less-is-more, when it comes to clothing and personal style. What does that mean to you?

JENNY: I think getting dressed in the morning should be a creative jump start to your day. It should be an expression of your personality; since it automatically sends a message to the people who will be seeing you, and you want it to be accurate.

Since I have started to focus more on quality rather than quantity the past few years, I have found that I feel more creative when I get dressed in the morning. Having more options does not mean that you have a more versatile wardrobe; in fact, a larger wardrobe overwhelmes me and stifles my imagination. I feel more ‘myself’ when I am working with a smaller wardrobe. That is liberating!

MKG: Tell me about that ‘coming-of-age-moment’ when you purchases your pink coat from Anthropologie? Where were you in your life and why do you think you were ready to understand that spending more for a single item could be worth it? Continue reading

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Halle Berry wants American women to be a little more Scandalous!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Halle Berry: “I think I have a pulse on what American women want.”                                             Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Today is a big day for Oscar-winning actress, and now entrepreneur, Halle Berry. She is launching the iconic French lingerie brand, Scandale Paris, and teaming up with Target (in select Target stores and on Why lingerie, and why now? Berry discovered the 80-year old brand while shopping in Paris, fell in love with it, and wanted to give it new life, globally. Says Berry: “I am excited for the U.S. debut to be at Target and to launch the brand globally in 2015. I look forward to giving more women the chance to enjoy what European women have come to love for more than eight decades.”

Because on a basic level, Berry understands the importance of a good bra. And she wants American women to feel as good about themselves from the inside-out as French women do. As Berry says, “What I’ve learned about French women is that they always look like they’re not going to be caught in the emergency room not prepared. With their clothes off, they’re going to look fabulous! I think that’s really important. And when you can bring it, this kind of quality at a good price, every woman can have a collection of it. You don’t have to have one bra that you just wear until it’s dead.”

I understand the importance of a good-fitting bra, too; I wrote about it on TFIO two years ago. And yet, I am still one of those American women wearing worn-out bras and underwear. And I would not want to be caught in an emergency with my lingerie! No way. So, this news is a wake-up call for me. This week, I am heading to find a good-fitting bra or two, and will share the fitting process with you. And who knows, I may end up at Target myself. After all, the price point for the Scandale Paris 10-piece collection ranges from $7 – $18. Now that’s Scandalous!

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