French Fashion? Oui, Please!

I have been enjoying wearing French designers lately; for the style and aesthetic, the fabric, the fit – and well, the feel! There is something so elegant about the look and feel of a French-made piece of clothing. I asked Gabrielle, friend, owner, and curator of my new favorite boutique, The Collective, just what it is that is so appealing about French designers. Here is what Gabrielle said: “Working with clothing for the past 5 years, I’ve noticed that French and Italian designers just know how to tailor clothing to a woman’s body. For example, Cinzia Rocca coats are some of the best I’ve seen. I think this is part of the reason we, as American women, look to the French women for inspiration… they wear classic, well-tailored items that look effortless… and no matter what we classify our ‘style’ as, I think most can appreciate the “effortless” vibe.”

Ooh, effortless – that is the word! Dressing has been effortless.

Outift (mostly French): Coat, Maje; sweater A.P.C.; pants, The Row (American); shoes, Talbots (American)

Photos by Abrina Hyatt

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Why not wear it again … and again?

Many years ago, I bought an orange and white striped skirt from a new place called Anthropologie. At the time, I had never heard of the store but I loved the skirt because it was long and soft and fluid. I also liked the fit and I knew that I would wear it often. Not long after I found the skirt, I bought an orange Vince t-shirt. It was a match made in heaven. This pairing has become my go to favorite.

Yet the other day when I pulled it on for what seemed like the hundredth time, there was a moment when I hesitated and wondered if it was finally, too much. NOOO .. the moment passed. Actually, if you love something, why not wear it again … and again? Our American culture encourages us to buy more and have more and yes, there is a time to do so, but when it comes to looking good, buying less means having more …

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Your thoughts?

I love comments. Feel free to share yours