Says Colette: “I plan to start with a new pair of shoes!”



Colette de Jounge is at a crossroads in her life: she must reclaim her style, and with it, her sense of self. It all starts with finding the right shoes …

Here is Colette
For the last nine years I have been living in rural Virginia, in the country. The real country, with cows and horses, vineyards, and large, open spaces. It has been a completely different lifestyle for me. All my life, I have lived an International and sophisticated lifestyle: Mexico City, Mexico, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Caracus, Venezuela, and also worked in New York City as a bonafide commuter. Virginia represented a completely different lifestyle  …
At first, whenever I went out, I dressed as I always had. It was not something that I thought about, but was completely natural to me. People noticed that I looked different and would tell me that they could tell that I wasn’t from the area, from the way I dressed. Continue reading

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