This Old Hat Makes a Comeback

Photo by Kira Ross

I love wearing hats. I have always loved wearing hats. I am the person who can’t pass through a department store without checking out the hats and accessories first. Always tempted to buy a new one, and I often do – especially cozy, winter hats. You can imagine my utter surprise when I found this one-of-a-kind hat, forgotten in the very back of my coat closet. This brown knit hat is at least 30 years old – I remember the moment I first found it at Loehmann’s – I knew it was too special to pass up.

But somewhere along the way I forgot about it. I traded it in for newer versions and more modern styles. It was gone so long that I never even knew how much I missed it! But I did miss it and now that I rediscovered it, I haven’t stopped wearing it. I was reminded again of a very important rule of fashion: before buying something new, shop your closet first.

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