Souk and The Heart of Styling

Optimized-Black Prada Bag-1Optimized-Vincecamutopump-1Souk is a force of nature. Stylist extraordinaire, this Chicago-native is hitting her stride in a big way: styling clients and working on many projects, including producing fashion shows to raise funds for non-profits and working on a book. She works and speaks from the heart in all of her work.  I met Souk a few months ago when she first appeared on TFIO; we caught up again to talk about the art of styling, or in Souk’s case, the heart of styling …

MKG: How long have you been styling? Was it a natural evolution for you?

SOUK: Technically, almost 8 years. But I have to say that I’ve been styling my whole life. My friends always asked me to shop and pick out outfits for them. Just this past weekend (at a dinner party), a good friend of mine was remembering how I styled her over 15 years ago and she felt lucky because she didn’t have to pay! At that time I was in the insurance industry and even before then, I knew I was meant to be in fashion. This friend couldn’t believe that a dress that I saw off the rack, that she didn’t think was cute, turned out to look so beautiful on her. Then another friend said,’I know, Souk, you picked out a dress for me online that I had never would have picked out for myself – and I fell in love with it!’ Hearing these recollections validated I was meant to be a stylist.

MKG: What have you learned about the effect of the right clothes on a woman?

SOUK: It is amazing – once you find the right clothes! When you put the right clothes on a woman and she feels great both physically and emotionally, that is the most important thing. How you feel about yourself on the inside will always be connected with how you look on the outside. People feel that energy about you. Continue reading

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