Fashion Institute’s New Exhibit is About Body Politics

Courtesy: FIT

New from the museum at Fashion Institute of Technology: The Body: Fashion and Physique, is an exhibition opening this week that examines the complex history of the “ideal” body in fashion and considers the relationship between the fashion industry and body politics from the 18th century to the present. “Garments are supplemented with images from the popular press, fashion media, film, and other sources to demonstrate how the fashion industry has contributed to both the marginalization and celebration of certain body types within our culture.” When curator of the Museum at FIT, Emma McClendon, was asked about where our society is now in terms of the ‘idea body image,’ her response was deep and thought-provoking: “I think that increasingly there is no single ideal fashionable body. Most runway shows and magazines continue to feature primarily white, thin, young models, but the internet and social media have opened up the industry, giving bloggers and consumers a much more powerful voice to challenge normative body ideals and expand our notion of what a fashionable body is. Several young designers, including Becca McCharen-Tran of Chromat and Christian Siriano, are using their brands to promote a much more inclusive view of the fashionable body. I hope that other brands will join them so that we can continue to expand the fashion industry to make it much more inclusive.”

I am seeing this exhibit! I’m buying it!!


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