What a treat! I met with Ashley, a lovely seventeen year-old and a junior in high school. We talked about her love of fashion, how she and another classmate started a fashion club this year in school, her desire to be involved in the world of fashion when she gets older, the pressures of being a junior, and of course … prom! (Ashley is going! Much more on that conversation is coming!). Here is Ashley

The first year of upper school I joined several clubs with friends – mostly political clubs – but they weren’t really me. I was looking for something more creative and different from what was being offered. Last year, as a sophomore, the school began accepting applications for new clubs and my classmate and I applied for a fashion club. After several months of waiting, our club was approved …

I would like to leave the club as a legacy for others. I want it to keep going. Since we started, we have designed several DIY projects, including t-shirts, and held discussions on fashion. The fashion club is still evolving …

I would like to stay involved in fashion – perhaps in branding and more of the business and merchandising end. There is something about department stores that I love! …

Currently, I am taking class at FIT and I am scheduled to do an internship in pattern-making this summer at Anna Sui. I am very excited for that!” ~ Ashley

After meeting Ashley, I just know she will do whatever she wishes! And stay tuned for more on her summer experience at Anna Sui.


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