Debra Winger On Aging and Fashion

Credit An Rong Xu for The New York Times

Last week I found Urban Cowboy on television, one of my favorite films from 1981, for its music and story – but mostly, because of Debra Winger! I loved her in that movie, as Sissy – so sexy in her black cowboy hat and sleeveless tee! That was the moment in her career where Debra Winger was everywhere … and then, she wasn’t. So it was with joy that I found news that Winger was at the Tribeca Film Festival, talking about her new film, The Lovers. Ruth La Ferla interviewed Winger over brunch, and she shared her views on aging and fashion. On aging, Winger says, “It’s hard to accept your aging face. You’ve got to be tough.” On fashion and her evolving style over time her comments made my smile: “It’s all about finding your groove at every age. I refuse to go into the future nomadic,” she all but rasped. “I’m not going to wear some tentlike schmatta that doesn’t say anything.” 

I love it! I, too, think about finding my groove, as my body shifts and I make small adjustments. But seriously, no tentlike schmattas for now, or ever, for any of us!

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No midriffs for me

Rodarte Spring 2014 Photography by Peter Stigter

NY Fashion Week – Rodarte Spring 2014
Photography by Peter Stigter

One of the big trends we saw for Spring 2014 at NY Fashion Week was exposed midriffs and crop tops. It’s nice in theory, but trending for me? I don’t think so.

One of the strangest things about aging is the realization that your body is morphing; sometimes the change is gradual and sometimes it completely shocks you to your core taking you by surprise. Continue reading

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Aging: A slight shift in perception

Me, age 52

It is inevitable. One day you find yourself over 40. You look in the mirror and find that you are not the young person you were. I know about this: I am 52 and I have made this realization several times in the last few years. I am shocked when I notice any number of changes to my body: My arms look a little funny in a specific light, the lines on my face are increasing, I am more aware of the need to pull my stomach in, and my size and weight is up and doesn’t seem to be going down any time soon. A friend told me that she heard actress Goldie Hawn talking about aging, and she said that you must come to terms with the fact that after 50, you may indeed go up a dress size. Hmmm …

I say don’t give up on yourself! In your heart you are the same. Actually, because you have the wisdom of age on your side, you are more the same than ever before. You are still vibrant and want to feel good. You may have to make a slight shift in perception, but you don’t have to give up who you are. In fact, enjoy this new phase and let your fashion choices enhance your life.You may want to wear it knee-length, but wear that skirt. You may want to check the rise on your jeans, but wear those jeans (and wear them fitted; stay away from baggy and non-fitted because they actually make you look older). You may want to check the fit of a tee, but wear it if you like tees and sleeveless shirts as I do. Never forget to wear color. Black will always be slimming and chic. Smile back at yourself the next time you look in the mirror! And don’t stop wearing that dress, no matter what the size.

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Smile back at yourself the next time you look in the mirror!

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