Eileen Fisher’s Powerful New Fall Campaign

Some power is vast — it shapes countries and economies and affects millions of lives. But there’s an arguably equal power that’s quieter. It’s in every one of us, and we can use it in big and small ways, every day. It’s the power of compassion to protect the dignity of those in need. The ability to make someone laugh, and to find opportunity in challenges — the drive to take an idea and turn it into a new business. That’s power, too.” ~ Eileen Fisher

The EILEEN FISHER brand is launching its Fall 2017 campaign, which asks seven female community leaders what power means to them. Eileen Fisher has long been a pioneer of fashion sustainability (all her cotton and linen will be organic by 2020) as well as an advocate for women and girls, whether supporting leadership programs or joining the steering committee of New York State’s first-ever council that recognizes and represents women’s equality. Eileen Fisher wants to affect positive change and messages. Now, she gives us a lift in our dark times.

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