(Fashion) Mistakes Will Happen!

A fashion mistake: Tory Burch shoes that were lovely but hurt my feet! Photo: Abrina Hyatt

I have gotten much better at knowing my style and buying the right things. Much better. Fewer bad calls, fewer disasters. And yet … I still make fashion mistakes. I get impulsive. And, just recently, I purchased something on Ebay – something I have never done before. That, of course, should have been my first clue – it’s always tricky to buy something without seeing it and touching it (I am not a fan of buying online.). But, this was a velvet pant from the Altuzarra for Target collaboration and I was hopeful. A few years ago I had purchased things from this collaboration (in the Target store!) and I had great success with each piece. And because I want to add more velvet to my wardrobe this fall and the color was an inciting maroon-red, I gave it a go. It arrived and it seemed to fit, but when I wore it there was something wrong: a hard-to-describe-something – too big in places, perhaps? – but something just the same and the fit was off. After wearing it just one day, I resolved that it was not for me and put it in the pile of clothes-to-go.

Even as we age and mature and begin to know our style, fashion mistakes WILL happen. The always do. And when they do, I recommend giving it to someone else who will enjoy it. Please don’t give yourself a hard time about it. Rejoice that you are keeping only the right things for you. No almost-right. Almost-good-enough is not good enough for you.

Your thoughts?

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