Overalls, it’s over. I’m not buying it!

Princess Diana made overalls sexy

Princess Diana made overalls sexy                                                                                                        Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar #TheList

Harper’s Bazaar #TheList, highlights the women on the street having a love affair with the all-in-one denim piece called the overall. For several years overalls were my best friend. They were my best friend when I was pregnant with my first baby 18 years ago; they were my best friend after baby #one was born and before I could fit comfortably in my regular clothes; they were my best friend three years later when I was pregnant with baby #two, and kept me company, again, for the first few months post-delivery. A tried-and-true best friend. But then … not. There was the day my mother looked at me (as only a mother can) and said, “It’s time to say good bye to the overalls.”

I haven’t worn them since. I think overalls have a shelf-life. You have to be at a certain place in your life to wear overalls successfully. Otherwise, you end up looking just a little weird, with droopy drawers. If now is your time, go for it. For me? It’s time to find a new best friend. I’m not buying it!

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