When fashion design becomes designing your life

Danielle Kort

Danielle Kort

Meeting Danielle Kort is like smiling from the inside out. She is young and vivacious for sure, but there is depth in her being and a purpose to her life. These are the qualities that are pushing her forward from a career in fashion design to one as a life coach. And aren’t we lucky because those who work with her will be able to tap into the wonderful energy that transformed her own life. Here is my conversation with Danielle …

MKG: You grew up in Nebraska. Did you always want to be a fashion designer? Did you picture yourself in New York City?

Danielle: When I was about 10, I started to think about being a fashion designer. It was all I wanted to do. My mom told me I was good with design and when I was 12, she supported me by buying me my first sewing machine. From that moment on, I didn’t stop making outfits. My entire family lives in Nebraska, but I always knew that I wanted to live in New York. Always.

MKG: The story of your move to New York is remarkable. How did it unfold?

Danielle: I knew that I would major in fashion design and the big question for me was where I should attend school. Continue reading

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