Body Positive Messaging For Men

Photo courtesy, Target

Photo courtesy, Target

Model Ashley Graham is changing the conversation for the modeling industry and reshaping the standards regarding women’s sizing. And now, Zach Miko, the plus-size male model who caught the industry’s attention modeling on Target’s website, is bringing awareness for male models, as well. Miko has just signed with IMG Models to its brand-new plus-size Brawn division. At six feet, six inches tall, with a 40-inch waist, he is able to offer men a better idea of what the clothing will actually look like on their bodies.

Miko, a New York-based actor and musician, is proud of his size and stature. He recently spoke with Chubstr, an online site for men of many sizes, about the need for the fashion industry to embrace more body types. Says Miko: “I can only hope that other companies will take the lead of companies like Target and finally show real people, with real bodies, looking as beautiful as they are, in clothes that look great on them.”

I love these conversations that are bringing change to our perception of health and beauty. It’s a huge step in the right direction and I’m buying it!

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