Why We All Love Annie Hall

InStyle, featuring Alexa Chung; photographer, Matthew Sprout

When InStyle Magazine photographed Alexa Chung channelling Annie Hall’s iconic style, I smiled a huge smile. One of my all-time favorite movies, Annie Hall is a love affair waiting to happen; love of New York, love of romance, love of comedy, love of Diane Keaton as Annie Hall – and especially her style. She was so effortless in her attitude. “Feminine masculinity,” is how Alexa Chung describes Annie Hall’s style and I would have to agree: hats, high-wasted trousers with men’s style shirts and ties, vests, and blazers – costume designer Ruth Morley worked closely with Keaton to create the look and it was pure Annie Hall. It was also my mother’s style of the 1970’s – and this film brought my mom to the screen!

The best part about watching Annie Hall, though, is that I have shared it with my son, Eric. When we watched it together for the first time about a year ago (I hadn’t realized he had seen it before) it was so much fun to see it through his eyes! He of course did not realize that as I was laughing my head off (how about that car scene with a young Christopher Walken!?), I was also swooning over every outfit and every look of Annie Hall! La ti da! 

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