Go From Office to Party In 5 Minutes!

At this hectic time of year, you may find yourself needing to go from office to dressy party without having enough time to change. By adding just a few essentials to your repertoire, you can make the transition quickly and without much fuss. The key is polishing your look: think in terms of refreshing your face, adding standout jewelry pieces, and switching to a dressier shoe and handbag.

I started my work day with a velvet-textured  WhoWhatWear for Target dress and a pair of booties. Later in the day, I went from work to play when I …

  • converted to a dressier shoe
  • added statement tassel earrings
  • switched out my necklace for a choker
  • replaced my handbag with a metallic-inspired clutch
  • prepped my skin with a hydrating treatment mist
  • refreshed my eyeshadow, lipstick, and manicure

That’s it! These additions not only upgraded my daytime look but did even more for my attitude. In an instant, I felt glamorous. Be your best self! Happy Glamour-days!

Dress, WhoWhatWear for Target; belt Altuzarra for Target; shoes, Chloé, clutch Marc Jacobs; Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist Josie Maran 

Photos by Abrina Hyatt

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Fashion Insider Jo Ellison, Speaks

Jo Ellison

In July, I read a fascinating piece in Financial Times, by fashion editor Jo Ellison. The subject of the feature: Why fashion isn’t always as silly as it seems … Irrelevant? Elitist? The fashion industry makes mistakes, but we should still take it seriously. I loved reading it and was drawn to the writing of Ms. Ellison. And then I thought … what if I could track down Ms.Ellison and ask her to share her thoughts on TFIO? Never mind that Jo lives in London, never mind that she is a true fashion insider, living a fashion insider’s life of interviews and fashion coverage, and getting access to top international fashion shows. I reached out to her. And reached out again. And after several months of not giving up, Jo Ellison answered my questions. What a coup! Now my next goal is to meet Jo in person – London? New York City? Here is a fashion insider’s look at fashion and self esteem …

What is your personal fashion story? Did you always love fashion and think of it as your destiny?

I always loved shopping, and clothes. But I wouldn’t describe myself as one of those people who always saw fashion in their destiny. I was more of an enthusiast. Fashion, to my mind, was always a bit remote and inaccessible. I have always been more interested in the broader societal impact a piece of clothing might have – what it says about us and the world we live in. Whether that’s Theresa May in a leopard print pump, or Julia Roberts winning an Oscar in vintage Valentino.

You worked at Vogue – tell us something about Vogue we don’t know.

Everyone there was far friendlier than people might believe. There seems to be a popular misconception – much mythologized by films like The Devil Wears Prada, or shows like Ugly Betty – that women working in fashion are all horrible to each other. In fact, the office at UK Vogue was one of the most encouraging, team-worky and supportive I’ve known. Continue reading

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Fashion Tip for Today: Add Texture!

Texture is often the forgotten element when shopping for clothes but it is one of the three keys: a good fit, the right color … and texture. How something feels to the touch and does it hold its structure and will it stand out – these are important questions to ask yourself. When I am shopping color and texture are the first things I notice. This See by Chloé dress has become a new favorite, with the combination of cotton, silk, and jersey that give it a unique look. I added the pin for even more texture! Happy shopping!

Dress, See by Chloé, shoes Pedro Garcia

Photos by Kendra Olson

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