Every Girl Will Want This Muffin Top!

Muffin Top: with Cathryn Michon and Marisa Jaret Winoker

Muffin Top: with Cathryn Michon and Marissa Jaret Winokur

Muffin Top: Cathryn and Tucker

Muffin Top: with Cathryn and Tucker

Muffin Top: with Cathryn and Tucker

Muffin Top: with Cathryn and Tucker

You know you are watching a movie with a meaningful message when the opening screen fills with these inspiring words of Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” What follows is a hilariously funny, charming, and slightly sexy film called Muffin Top: a movie that addresses important issues like body image and self esteem and is brought to life by a super-talented cast that includes Cathryn Michon, Tony Award winner Marissa Jaret Winokur, David Arquette, and Melissa Peterman. I was fortunate to catch the premiere and meet Cathryn Michon herself – the writer, director and star of the movie. Ms. Michon and I talked about the essence of Muffin Top, body image messages, why it is essential that women have larger roles in filmmaking, and of course, the costumes! Here is my conversation with Cathryn …

MKG:  What is the message behind Muffin Top? What are you hoping to say to women and men with this story?

CATHRYN: Muffin Top is a great Girl’s Night In movie. That makes you laugh and get inspired to be kinder to yourself, because you are beautiful. It goes very well with wine and chocolateWe really want the takeaway from Muffin Top to be,love yourself NOW, not 5 lbs from now.” We all came together to make a truly funny and romantic movie because we believe that comedy really helps open your heart to looking at yourself in a more loving way.

MKG: What do women need to know about their bodies and feeling good about themselves?

CATHRYN: We need to remember that these media images that make us feel so insecure about our bodies are photoshop cartoons, not real women. Even supermodels don’t look like their magazine covers in real life. Continue reading

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