Rosana IS The Girl From Ipanema

Girl From Ipanema

Girl From Ipanema

I have known Rosana Elias for 10 years but I had no idea how her story evolved or how her father envisioned and pushed for a life for her even before she did. Or how much Rosana left behind to start her life in the United States. Until we sat down to talk about her life that is both amazing and full of prophesy. Here is Rosana …

I was born in Brazil to a Brazilian mother and an Egyptian father. I grew up working in my mother’s business, her salon, making wax. I started at age 14 and my sister (who is one year older) and I worked hard to learn as much as we could about the business. In Brazil, waxing is an important art form and is taken very seriously. The wax is as close to pain-free as you can get and girls start waxing at an early age. I loved chemistry and majored in chemistry at the University – my dream was always to formulate my own beauty products. It is still my dream today …

When I was 21 my American friend encouraged me to join him in America to take classes and learn to speak English. Since I was planning to be a biochemist and develop my own brand I thought it could only help me to learn English. I said yes and decided to come to New York  – something I thought I would do for one year at the most. It was on the day of my departure at the airport that my dad changed my life … Continue reading

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