Danielle, BP Manager at Nordstrom Short Hills

Danielle of Nordstrom

Chiffon is my fabric of choice. It is luxurious, it never goes out of style, it always looks fresh and is forgiving.” ~ Danielle

I met Danielle, then the BP Manager of Nordstrom, a few years ago, before I spoke to the BP Fashion Board. (The BP Fashion Board at Nordstrom is a year-long internship for very lucky high school girls who are interested in fashion and want to learn about the inner workings of Nordstrom and the fashion world in general.) I have always loved Nordstrom, the friendly department store, and after meeting Danielle, I was excited to have a special contact on the inside.

Now a few years later, Danielle having just celebrated four years at Nordstrom this past July, was recently promoted to Manager of Collectors, and doing quite well. Promotions from within happen often at Nordstrom, voted #2 by Forbes as one of the happiest companies for young professionals. We sat down to talk about what led Danielle to Nordstrom, how her style has evolved since working there, and what girls and women want fashion to do for them …

Melissa: How did you find yourself working at Nordstrom?

Danielle: I applied to Nordstrom, Bloomingdales’s and Macy’s directly out of college. Nordstrom and Macy’s got back to me first and Nordstrom was willing to start me right away, while Macy’s wanted me to wait until December. I heard that you can get promoted within six months at Nordstrom, and not wanting to wait, I accepted a temporary position with them. I was soon working full-time and was promoted to Manager of BP* within the first year.

Melissa: Have you always been interested in fashion?

Danielle: I have always been interested in fashion. My Mom and my Aunts were so stylish. They took me shopping and introduced me to a world of beautiful things. My Grandmother lived in Brooklyn and when we would see her, we always checked out a special boutique called Clothes Horse. Seeing them being fabulous really changed me.

Melissa: Has your personal style evolved since working at Nordstrom?

Danielle: I am more brand conscious and I am more interested in clothing that lasts. That is why I love to wear chiffon blouses. I am tired of disposable clothing and I would rather spend money on the real thing with lasting quality than buy several things that fade in a minute.

Melissa: What do you notice about how fashion affects women?

Danielle: When I worked at BP, our Junior Destination Department*, I noticed that girls are more interested in finding a good look for the moment – a special occasion. They don’t linger but have an image in their heads of what they want. They are picky but determined. Women, on the other hand, want to feel confident and secure in their clothing choices; they want to make a statement with their fashion. And they are looking for a head-to-toe look. I see this in The Collectors Department, where the fitting room experience is essential.

Melissa: We will be returning to the fitting room for more with Danielle

“Collectors at Nordstrom”

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What is age-appropriate?

This is a question we ask ourselves. Recent events have led me to think about it. I thought about it as I found myself at the BP Department at Nordstrom’s, searching for a yellow blazer. For those of you who may not know, BP is the junior and young women’s department on the top floor at Nordstrom. (I love the styles and the prices are better, too!). I thought about it as I shopped with my friend at a local consignment shop, and we noticed that the clothing could fit her 10-year old daughter. I thought about it when I met with my young friends a few weeks ago (see Styling with Mel, Teen Talk). They were contemplating whether some teens are dressing too old for their age. And I thought about it as I read an article in Sunday’s New York Times, written by Cathy Horyn (a favorite writer, by the way). The article addressed women’s love of platform shoes. Her concern? Women of a certain age (like me) could seriously hurt themselves trying to navigate the height of this spring’s high-heeled platform trend. And so I am wondering … what is age-appropriate?

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