Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett shares the screen with her Birkin Bag

Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine, with her Birkin bag

Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine, with her Birkin bag

Women wear their Birkins like a shield. They hold it in front of their bodies. It says, ‘Don’t get near me.’ We had to have one, but it was another case of the cost of an Hermès bag is my whole budget. Again, though, they surprised us by saying, ‘Come up and take anything you need.'” Suzy Benzinger, costume designer, Blue Jasmine

On Oscar night, I start watching TV early. In fact, my family knows not to disturb me after 6pm. It’s the perfect evening for me, bringing together my favorite things – movies and fashion. And this year, to my delight, ABC’s Red Carpet Pre-Show featured short films, entitled Fashion and Film. In one, Suzy Benzinger, costume designer for Woody Allen’s film, Blue Jasmine,  talks about how important Cate Blanchett’s Hermès Birkin handbag was to the story; in fact, Ms. Benzinger says the bag actually is another character, playing a prominent role in most scenes.

It’s what this blog is about; fashion playing an important role in our lives – our armor, our shields, ourselves.

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Summer’s last hurrah

IMGP1083What will you be doing on this last official day of summer? Running your toes through the sand, or relaxing by the pool, or swimming in the lake? I witnessed a wonderful moment of a man sitting on his porch swing – doing absolutely nothing except taking it all in. And I? I will be treating myself to a movie matinée, which is my favorite thing to do. It always feels just a little indulgent during the daytime. I look forward to seeing Woody Allen’s new movie, Blue Jasmine – I hear it’s very good.

I am wearing my white jeans because it’s okay to wear white all-year round and fashion is about making your own rules.

Wishing you a happy Labor Day!

Photos by Alexandra


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I love comments. Feel free to share yours