The Bridesmaid Dress

I, as a bridesmaid, with my Dad at my brother and sister-in-law's wedding

A  bridesmaid, with my Dad at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding

Forget the expression: never the bride! Being a bridesmaid is estimable. More than estimable, actually. Because being a bridesmaid is a privilege, an honor to stand up for a dear friend on her special day. And the bridesmaid dress says it all: the tradition, the formality, the friendship, the love. I have been a bridesmaid seven times. I was a maid of honor once. Most of those times, the brides selected the dresses and I trusted them in the process. And though it has been many years since I donned my varied bridesmaid dresses, I remember each and every one of them like the friends that they were. I wish, in fact, I could see them all together just once more – but since they are no longer close, my memory of them will have to do. I wore hunter green (above), yellow, floral, blue, and turquoise blue. I wore floor-length dresses, tea-length dresses, and knee-length dresses. Like a wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress comes in every style imaginable.

It is prom season, yes. But it is also wedding season. And while we think of brides in their bridal gowns, let’s not forget the bridesmaids who stand with the bride. Like me, you may not keep the dresses as the years pass but you will always remember them. And the love you felt for the bride when you put them on.

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