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thumbnail_14344097_10210366548742030_4765591392275668186_nMaggie is on a mission to educate people on what it means to practice safer skincare; for the last two years Maggie has been a Director with holistic brand, Beautycounter. I first featured Maggie and her poignant story on TFIO. Now Maggie is back to talk about the release of a limited-edition Beautycounter collection, available now at most Target stores. It’s exciting to see these quality beauty products come to Target, and unlike the many fashion designer collaborations which I have featured on TFIO, this one truly has something for everyone! Here is Maggie …

MKG: Why should we all know about Beautycounter?

Maggie: Beautycounter is a B corporation dedicated to making safer, high-performing products. We believe in educating and increasing awareness around the important issue of exposure to toxic chemicals through skincare and cosmetic products. Unlike most other brands, Beautycounter products perform to professional standards without the harmful or questionable ingredients typically found in the industry. Having banned over 1,500 questionable ingredients from their product line, Beautycounter believes that they have the strictest ingredient selection process in the country.

MKG: What does it mean for more people to have access to these products, through Target?

Maggie: Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. With Beautycounter’s partnership with Target comes a huge awareness and more than 65 million shopper eyes on us. The exposure Target gives to Beautycounter is huge. We hope every Target customer walks away recognizing our mission toward cleaner beauty and feeling empowered with information about the need for safer ingredients. Continue reading

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