My Clothes are Working Overtime

My Baccarat crystal heart

It has been a difficult week for me as I have learned of the tragic passing of a young 14 year-old girl. I did not know her personally but I was connected to her through my work. My heart has been very, very heavy. And my clothes have been my best friends. They have had to work overtime, carrying me into my day and pushing me forward, even when all I have wanted to do is crawl back into my bed with my pi’s. They have been my armor, giving me strength when I feel weak. I started to wear my red crystal heart every day – something I bought my brides maides and me when I got married 22 years ago, because I felt an overwhelming need to wear the one thing that is a reminder of what we all need  today- LOVE.

And now, I pull out the outfit that I may or may not be wearing to a funeral service. I am not sure if I will attend, but I know what I will wear if I do. This dress will do what I have needed my clothes to do all week – to stand up for me and to be there for me, when it is a struggle just to be there for myself.

Your thoughts?

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