Eva says, “If not now … When?”

Rosetta Grey shoes – all of Eva’s favorite things: good height, good leather, retro style

I met Eva at work and was struck by her original fashion sense and creative style. But Eva and I really bonded when we discovered our mutual love of Loehmann’s and why we miss it now that it is gone. I understand so well how Eva feels about her clothes and the personal relationship she has with each and every piece. And I am familiar with Eva’s story about how her love of fashion started. Here is Eva …

My love of fashion started when I was a little girl, shopping with my mom. I learned everything about the art of shopping for a good sale from her. Of course, there was an effort to be fiscally responsible but shopping for a good buy was so much more; it was about learning to shop creatively. I grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey, home to the original Daffy’s  discount store. My mom and I would shop at Daffy’s and then head over to the Shoe Town across the street – that was our thing. We always had a time limit to our shopping day and I learned how to have fun with shopping and to be creative within constraints, something that is a big part of me to this day …

I grew up in a school environment which required me to dress with certain restrictions. I can trace my love of shoes to this time in my life. Shoes and accessories were the elements that helped me to stand out and step away from the conformity and simply, be myself. When I went to college and experienced total fashion freedom that was the moment I fell in love with vintage shopping – and learned how to fully express my individuality …

My husband calls me the vulture when I shop: I circle with great patience and wait for the right moment to make my purchase. It is really the thrill of the hunt for me. Continue reading

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Jenny’s Personal Style and The Story of Her Pink Coat


Jenny Williams

Can you imagine how pleased I was to read an article entitled: How I Found My Personal Style When I Let Go of Most of My Clothing?  And even more excited to meet its author? The person who wrote this thoughtful piece is Jenny Williams; I connected immediately with Jenny and her message, which may sound familiar, from recent conversations I have had about Zero Waste, with Lauren Singer and Daniel Silverstein. Jenny agreed to share her story on TFIO. It is a lovely reminder how fashion is one of our universal connectors. Here is that conversation with Jenny:

MKG: You have embraced the concept of less-is-more, when it comes to clothing and personal style. What does that mean to you?

JENNY: I think getting dressed in the morning should be a creative jump start to your day. It should be an expression of your personality; since it automatically sends a message to the people who will be seeing you, and you want it to be accurate.

Since I have started to focus more on quality rather than quantity the past few years, I have found that I feel more creative when I get dressed in the morning. Having more options does not mean that you have a more versatile wardrobe; in fact, a larger wardrobe overwhelmes me and stifles my imagination. I feel more ‘myself’ when I am working with a smaller wardrobe. That is liberating!

MKG: Tell me about that ‘coming-of-age-moment’ when you purchases your pink coat from Anthropologie? Where were you in your life and why do you think you were ready to understand that spending more for a single item could be worth it? Continue reading

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