Accessories are the Unsung Heroes of the Holidays

Photo by Lauren Hagerstrom

The holiday season begins this week with Thanksgiving. Remember this: do not overlook the one thing that can be the difference between an almost-perfect outfit, and perfection. The way I see it – an accessory is the unsung hero of the holidays. Subtle yet essential. It has that x-factor; that special touch that elevates any outfit to another level. When we think about dressing for a holiday we spend so much time choosing the major pieces that we may miss the smaller things: a bag, a statement pin, a necklace, a ring, a dressy stocking – all, accessories. I love to mix high and low – dressy with casual. There is nothing wrong with wearing a sparkly earring with a casual jean. Or, on the other hand, wearing that same earring with an elegant dress because more is always good, too. During the holidays, It’s about giving yourself options, elevating the ordinary, and feeling your most glamorous self. Yes, accessories are the unsung heroes!

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