Rosita Missoni’s Garden of Happiness

Rosita Missoni: Photo credit Federico Ciamei

What I remember most from seeing mother and daughter from the fashion House Missoni  interviewed a year ago at the 92nd Street Y was that the Missoni family literally designs their reality by living and working together in one beautiful spot near Milan, Northern Italy. This model that the Missoni’s have created is a rare thing in today’s world of fashion design. Now, one year later, Missoni matriarch, Rosita Missoni, is 85 years old and is still living and blooming from her family home and factory. Her love of color and vibrancy spreads well beyond her clothing designs, as she collects vegetables and flowers from her own gardens and shares them with family and friends. This is how she keeps herself vital. Says Rosita Missoni:  “I’ve been passionately dedicated to my career, so it’s never worn me out. I live in the kind of beautiful place where my husband and I wanted to spend our weekends. I have my children close by, and friends that come visit on Sundays.” Rosita Missoni: living a life of true creativity, love, and inspiration.

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