Do I really have to shop for it?

My podcast returns! Photo credit, Patricia Saxton

Photo credit, Patricia Saxton

I really dislike shopping for clothes. Huh? You mean, you write about fashion and you don’t like to shop? Absolutely, don’t. like. to. shop. Department stores make me dizzy, the lights bring out my claustrophobia and I can’t see the clothes clearly after a while. In fact, I have developed an attitude of just get in, get out every time I go to a department store. Online shopping is easier but filled with uncertainty because you aren’t able to touch and feel and see the clothes until they show up at your door, and frankly – half of everything I purchase online has to go back. The most bearable way for me to shop is at consignment or vintage stores because that is less about feeling the anxiety and pressure to find something, and more about discovering new treasures. That is perhaps why I loved Loehmann’s so much; shopping there was more like a treasure-hunt. And there was something so wonderful about the large, dressing rooms filled with women encouraging you and supporting you. Everyone deserves to hear: “Honey, you should really buy that. It looks nice on you!” But sadly, the original Loehmann’s is gone and you know how I feel about the online version of Loehmann’s

No, I love how the right clothes make you feel and love expressing myself through clothes and color and texture, but I do not love to shop for them. And therein lies the problem. In fact, every time I need to buy something, I kind of break out in a sweat, and ask myself, ‘do I really have to shop for it?’

Your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Do I really have to shop for it?

  1. I feel exactly the same way!! But I think this is definitely due to how much of my budget is allocated to clothing vs other of life’s necessities. When I was single and all my income supported just me, I loved shopping at small boutiques with personalized service. Now with a home (& mortgage), plus 4 kids, I’m shopping at department stores (some better than others), Kohls for my sons’ underclothes & socks, TJ Max, etc. Shopping in those stores is not fun, all the stores sell the same stuff, and so I honestly prefer to shop online & only venture into stores for returns. I’m also more likely to find some unique things online than in the stores. I agree with you that vintage & consignment stores are fun….same crowding problem but at least there is the excitement of “the find”……

  2. that is so funny! thanks for the confession! and we have heard a zillion times how some athletes do NOT enjoy working out. I sort of equate your story to that!

  3. Ha! I used to love shopping and now it feels like a dreaded chore!! I desire a shopping experience that is easy and personal so I’ve turned to small local shops and boutiques. Much more pleasurable!

    • I agree, Ana. The personal touch is so important, especially because we can’t always know what styles and colors are working for us. Thank you for your comments; I appreciate them so much. xx Mel

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