Shopping Smart in the Men’s Department

There is a sad truth for a woman when it comes to shopping – you are being ripped off. For the same item, a man will spend significantly less money, and often times, for better quality. This is true of many things but jeans are an especially good example; a woman can expect to spend sometimes double the amount for the same pair. And because there aren’t as many style options for men’s jeans, I have heard that more money is spent on the quality of the material. You know how much I love wearing jeans and I have spent close to $200 on a single pair (I am thinking of my Frame Denim slim-leg jean). They are my favorites and I wear them often but today I wanted to shop and see for myself. In search of a classic boyfriend jean, I decided to visit the men’s department at Macy’s (where better to find boyfriend jeans??). I chose the ever-classic Levi’s; the first thing I noticed is that there were several ‘slim’ styles that would fit a woman’s shape. I found a perfect distressed pair and tried them on – they were $39.99.

Why should women have to pay more for the very same thing? It is unfair that is the norm.  I encourage you to visit the men’s department. You may find a fashionable alternative at a much better price and in the process make an unjust system work for you!

Photos by Hannah Walker


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2 thoughts on “Shopping Smart in the Men’s Department

  1. Great article and observation; I can definitely relate to this. However, I have young men in my life that prefer jeans that cost $100+! I buy them sweaters and shirts, lol

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