“I’m not buying that!”

P1000049 3My boys are a little older, so it’s been a while since they watched a Disney or Nickelodeon program. The last show I remember us watching together was Drake and Josh. That’s why Nick Schager’s article in LA Weekly, “Disney TV is Poisoning your Daughters,” startled me and truly opened my eyes. Schager writes, “Sitcoms may be predicated on a constant stream of one-liners, but Disney and Teen Nick take the formula to the next level, offering nothing but witless witticisms delivered with maximum, grinning-jackass hamminess …” Furthermore, the role that fashion plays is both confusing to girls and concerning to parents, with the young actors wearing “designer threads … that unsuccessfully straddles the line between tasteful and trampy,” says Schager. Donna, a mother of two young daughters ages 5 and 8, brought this to my attention. She tells me that so many of the shows’ themes are about physical appearance. In fact, Donna says that in some of those shows they actually make it look cool to be an airhead. With so many poor stereotypes and role models for young girls, The Disney Channel is not allowed in Donna’s house! And she is not alone.

The role of parental guidance has never been more important. Especially when the psyches of our girls is at stake. How can we ever hope that our girls will develop self-acceptance and self-love while these seemingly light-comedies are actually revealing a much darker message? I’m not buying that!



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7 thoughts on ““I’m not buying that!”

  1. Thank you for starting a conversation about this, Melissa. It took me a while to get to the point where I banned Disney teen shows, but I’m so glad I did. My girls were like fish out of water for a week or two, but now they don’t even ask.

    • Thank you, Donna, for bringing this to my attention in the first place. Let’s protect our girls and boys from harmful messages so we can help their spirits soar! xx Mel

  2. Such a sad state of affairs when you cant even turn to Disney for good wholesome fun!
    Ah well…my kids like Nickelodeon better anyway!
    Thanks for bringing this to light!

  3. I am so with you on this one. The girls are trampy looking and seem to be going on 25.
    The stars are very good looking and the others nerds.
    I miss, “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.” That was a very funny, clean show.
    Also, agree with the parents about Disney.

  4. Sad that the producers and script writers of these shows confine girl roles to wishy washy characters whose passions seem so superficial. As an educator of girls, I’m joining you in saying: I’m not buying that!

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