Hey fashion brands! Are you listening? You’re forgetting tweens!

Lauren and Lindsay

Lauren and Lindsay

Being twelve years old isn’t easy. And I imagined, being a twin twelve year-old is challenging, too – a twin and a tween. But that was before I met Lindsay and Lauren. And their mother, Victoria. Because these twelve year-old sisters are growing up with a sense of confidence and grace. And their mother, Victoria, is supporting them in the very best way. I sat down with all three ‘girls’ to talk about life and fashion and why, as Victoria notes, shopping for a pre-teen is “very difficult” and “takes a lot of research.” Hey fashion brands – are you listening??

MKG: What is it like to be a twin? Do you dress like your sister or do you express yourself individually?

Lindsay/Lauren: Being a twin feels normal; it’s the only thing we’ve known. And we are friends with a lot of twins so that feels normal, too. We try to be individual but we do share clothes and end up dressing similarly much of the time. Our style is somewhat preppy because we like to dress simply.

MKG: Victoria, did you dress Lindsay and Lauren similarly when they were younger?

Victoria: It was easier, when they were first born, to buy two of everything. When they were babies, I wanted to identify them as girls and pink and purple were popular colors at the time, so I dressed them in the classic girl colors. By the time they were three years old, they wanted to make their own fashion statements and had certain feelings about how they wanted to dress. In other words, they began to express their individuality and were conscious of what they wanted to wear. Then and even today, however, their eye tends to go toward the same thing; they like the same things.

MKG: You wear a uniform at school. What do you think about that? Does it take away the pressure to dress a certain way?

Lauren: I don’t care what other people think about what I wear and I don’t feel that kind of pressure. The school uniform helps mostly in the morning and takes away the pressure to pick out something to wear. I’m not a morning person, so having that decision made for me, helps.

Lindsay: I never felt a pressure to dress a certain way. This is our second year wearing a uniform, and dressing was not an issue before.

Lindsay/Lauren: On Fridays, everyone is allowed to wear what they like, with a few general rules, which gives us more freedom. And you can always choose the shoes you want to wear.

MKG: Where do you shop?

Lindsay/Lauren: We often shop online.

Victoria: It’s very difficult to shop for a pre-teen. Sizing and prices fluctuate; the girls are no longer little girls but aren’t ready for the grown-up styles and prices, either. I find that it takes a lot of research because the selection in many stores is  limited. Online shopping has become a great resource; some of the key places for online shopping for pre-teens are Nordstrom, Zappos, Roxy, J Crew and Lucky Brand. You also have to watch for things that are really inappropriate. That is one of the reasons that the girls are drawn to the classic, preppy styles; they are appropriate for their age-group.

MKG: What message do you have for young girls?

Lauren: No matter what, feel confident in what you’re wearing.

Lindsay: It’s better to be comfortable than worry about what others are thinking of you.

Victoria: I’ve always been critical of myself and that is certainly true of me now. I try to remind the girls that when you take a risk, you can be a trendsetter for others. Someone else can follow you.

Here, here, Girls! Here, here!

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