My Italian Scarf

My Italian scarf

My Italian scarf

Clothes tell a story and are part of our collective history and culture. You may think a scarf is just a scarf, but if that scarf is from Italy it represents so much more. A scarf is a piece of Italian thousand-year history that carries tremendous meaning. Because in Italy, a country whom many consider to be the home of Catholicism, it is a traditional element worn in church as a symbol of humility in front of God. And it’s not just Catholicism: all religions share a scarf tradition. The scarf is worn in churches and temples and mosques.

What many tourists don’t understand is that a church is not a museum or just any building: it is a sanctuary and a place of worship with a dress code that should be followed.

Scarves are everywhere in modern-day Italy. This tradition has evolved into a fashion statement while at the same time never losing its original intention. My friend Myriam just returned from Italy and brought back a scarf for me from Milan. This one simple accessory is telling a huge story …

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