A Rebecca Taylor Sweater Worth the Effort

unspecified-1unspecified-3unspecified-2This is the time of year I love to pull out my heavy-duty, cozy Rebecca Taylor sweater – too bulky to wear with a jacket but warm enough to wear on its own. I love Rebecca Taylor’s feminine designs. The story of this sweater? Several years ago I noticed it in a fashion blog, loved it, and tracked it down – to a single remaining sweater in Atlanta! I knew I had to have it so I purchased it over the phone and had it shipped. In other words, I worked hard to get this sweater. But it was unique and I was willing to make it happen. Today, it is holding up so well that I don’t regret my decision at all. In fact, it was well worth the effort!

Sweater, Rebecca Taylor; jeans Frame Denim; hat Misaharada Millinery; shoes L.L.Bean

Photos by Sophie MacMillan


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