You are my inspiration, Rachel Zoe!

Photo Credit: Rachel and her team at New York Fashion Week via @RachelZoe Instagram

Photo Credit: Rachel and her team at New York Fashion Week via @RachelZoe Instagram

I am inspired by stylist, designer, and trailblazer, Rachel Zoe. Ever since I first noticed her on Bravo’s reality tv show, The Rachel Zoe Project, I have loved the fashion, the styling, the team; but most of all, I have loved watching the woman who is Rachel Zoe. Because she inspires me. The show continued for five years and ended, just as Ms. Zoe’s career exploded to include launching her own apparel and accessories business, The Rachel Zoe Collection, and creating The Zoe Report, a daily online style destination. You can imagine my delight, then, when I discovered Rachel Zoe’s inspirational words in a feature she wrote on LinkedIn: If You Let Passion Guide You, You Can’t Fail …

Since the beginning of my career, I have always been guided by my gut, meaning I never followed a list of how things should be on a given day— I’m not one to script how my life should go. My goal in the beginning was to ensure my clients felt confident and glamorous.”

So at any point in your career— whether you are just starting out or deciding to grow an already established business— remember what your dream was to begin with. Define your passion and remember why it has ignited and inspired you to be where you are today. I believe that you can and should live your dreams – and that rule should apply even in your professional life. If you love what you do, the success will come. If you let your passions and strengths guide you, failure won’t be an option.” ~ Rachel Zoe

(You can find the full story, here)


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