Throwback Thursday PODCAST: THE PROM!

The table shot from my Senior Prom - that's me in the middle

The table shot from my Senior Prom – that’s me in the middle

So, it’s Prom Week. My high school senior, Eric, is going to his prom in two days; we just picked up his classic black tuxedo. And I, inspired by Man Repeller, as I often am, ask this question for Throwback Thursday: say I was going to the Prom now – what would I wear? The answer is that I do not regret anything about my Senior Prom dress, and I would do most everything the same as I did in 1978. Everything, but one thing. Listen to my podcast to hear what that one thing would be …

Your thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday PODCAST: THE PROM!

  1. I guess the thing I love the most is YOUR complete acceptance of who you were, at the time of your prom, and what you wore. (I do wish there were a full length picture so we could all enjoy your beautiful look)…a thought just occurred to me: maybe part of the reason you still love the style is because you dressed yourself classically. You didn’t go all puffy sleeved or shoulder padded or whatever was “IN” at the time. You went with an elegant, classic look. Perhaps, that is something we should all remember to do in these big moments: prom, senior pictures, wedding, sweet 16, Bat Mitzvah, 21, 30 (40?!?). We should aim to dress in a timeless, classic way instead of in the latest & greatest. Creating not only wonderful memories but stomach able photos!
    Thank you for sharing…xxx

    • What a beautiful thought, Kylie. Thank you for commenting and for listening. I agree that the dress suited me then and still suits me now. And fashion is interesting, because styles keep coming around again! But, even so, we are always a product of our times because I did something to my skin at that time that I would never consider doing now. xx Mel

      • We ALL did that crazy baby oil tanning! My room mate and I, in college, used also sit in baby pools of water on the front lawn! Lordie lord…we were sooooo dumb! (but, in our defense, so ignorant about the damage we were doing!)
        Happily we both, I include YOU in the “we”, survived our naive choices and all look absolutely beautiful, and much younger then our ages 🙂 Thank you, God, for the break!

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