So this is what 50 looks like!

Celebrating my age!

Celebrating my age!

Today is my birthday; I find it hard to believe that I am 54, but life has had a way of sneaking up on me! One thing is true about being this age; I try to be grateful every day, and more mindful about experiencing each joyful moment. Join me in today’s podcast and hear more of my musings about what it means to age well (hint: a good fitting bra helps!).

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8 thoughts on “So this is what 50 looks like!

  1. Awesome podcast Melissa!! Funny, I was planning to go bra shopping today even before I heard your podcast!! =) I go out to this great place in Bedminster called, Personally Yours. They really know how to fit all sorts of bodies and have a wonderful selection. I will think of you today! I also would love to have you come through my closet and give me some advice…it would be fun to catch up and to pull outfits out of my closet with a good friend like I used to do for those eighth grade school dances years ago!! xoxo

    • Thank you, Anne. It means so much to me. Have fun today – I may have to try the shop, too. I have been missing my shop in NYC. I am happy to see your closet and work with you. Let’s pick a date! xx Mel

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