Shop your closet first

Black boots from my closet

Black boots from my closet – Photo Credit: Patricia Saxton

This week’s “Shoe Polish” tells how, when I was younger, I polished my dad’s shoes and am now continuing the tradition with my own shoes and boots. But there is a story behind the story and one worth sharing in today’s podcast. It all started with a magazine ad for some very cute black booties. I had been flipping the pages and noticed these great boots. Here was my thought process: Ooh, these boots are cute! … hmmm, how much are they? … I love booties in the fallthese would be a great addition to my wardrobe, but waitdon’t I already have a pair of black booties as well as black boots? I’ll check my closet and see what I have. And there is the moment of truth; I did check my closet and I do own black booties. And they are beautiful. More beautiful than the ones in the magazine and would look even better with a shoe shine. Remember: Shop your closet first.


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