The Future of Zero Waste

Daniel Silverstein and Lauren Singer, courtesy of Package Free Shop

The numbers are staggering: The average American produces approximately four and a half pounds of trash per person, per day. My friends, fashion designer and originator of Zero Waste Daniel, Daniel Silverstein and Lauren Singer, creator of Trash for Tossers and an expert on sustainable living, both of whom I have featured several times on TFIO, have taken their commitment to zero waste living to the next level by opening Package Free Shop. Package Free Shop (Brooklyn, NY) is a way for consumers to find a practical space and hub to learn about sustainable living and creating zero waste. “The reason that we started this store was because the hardest part to going waste-free was finding all the tools that you needed to live a sustainable lifestyle in a convenient way … We really believe that every positive change when it comes to the environment and environmental sustainability, is positive.” says Lauren.

I am making my way to Brooklyn to see my friends again, and to learn more and do my part …

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