Overalls? I’m Not Buying It … Anymore

Optimized-Guarino_002-2Optimized-Guarino_003Over the last few years we have seen the overall trend take over as a springtime must-have. On many women they are adorable; certainly the high-waisted 70s style and even the full-leg, boyfriend style. But for me, I did my time in overalls and I will not go back. Let me explain: I had a pair of overalls over the four years that I was either pregnant, post-pregnant, or pregnant-again with my two boys. They were my go-to’s and at their peak were a dependable, stylish choice for my expanding waistline. Even when they ripped at the knee I continued to wear them, thinking: these are even more cool with ripsBut something happened at the end of those four years: I got sick of those overalls. And they started to lose their cool-factor. What I once considered cute and edgy became tired and baggy. I remember looking at myself in the mirror one day and saying, that’s it – I am done.

The last time I wore them my younger son was about 3 months old. He and I smiled for the camera and after we took these photos I said good bye to my one-time staple, for good. But just because I said good bye doesn’t mean I didn’t love them; they played a significant role in my life. It simply means it was time to let go and move forward. And so I have no remorse when I see others rocking their overalls. In fact, I applaud them. As for me, I am done. I’m not buying it … anymore!

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6 thoughts on “Overalls? I’m Not Buying It … Anymore

    • Hi Mireille! Good to hear from you! This is why fashion at its best is about self expression; ever personal, it is who we are at any moment in our lives. You go, Mireille! Wear them proudly. xx Mel

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