Shoulders Don’t Seem to Age!

Abrina took this photo of me last year and I am happy to report that the off-the-shoulder trend and all its variations are still in style. The subject of baring shoulders came up with my good friends recently and nothing feels better than a fashion conversation with a friend. We talked about how challenging dressing can be as you age and its affect on your self esteem. Things you once thought nothing about wearing now make you stop and take notice. But as I looked at my friends, beautiful and stunning in their off-the-shoulder tops, I knew they were on to something. As it turns out shoulders don’t seem to age. They are unaffected by the years. We all agreed; rather than focus on what is changing or making us feel insecure, it is so much better to highlight those features that make you feel good.

Blouse, Madewell

Photo by Abrina Hyatt

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